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Skiing the South Face of Colfax Peak

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On May 4th 2006 Martin Volken, Mason Stafford and Matt Schoenwald skied the South Face of Colfax Peak near Mount Baker. The line boasts about 1800 feet of vertical, has a maximum steepness of maybe 45 degrees and has a beautiful south-facing position. We left the road head on the south side of Mount Baker at 2700 feet at around 4am. Conditions were perfect, frozen and clear. By 9:30 am we were in the summit saddle waiting for conditions to be just so.  A short section of cramponing got us to the summit at 9460 feet.  

The following descent down the steep south face was about a perfect as it gets. Avy hazard zero; weather perfect; incline 45 degrees, snow conditions - white corn. By noon we were back down at the car. Perfect day. 



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