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Mt. Baker Boulder Glacier Paradise

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A Limerick For Baker

By M. Wheel Er


There once was a group

of skiers quite pooped

who had skied from tip top of a mountain


They'd skinned part way up

Filled booze in their cups

And dined on top tuna and ramen


When the morn' came all pink

After smearing on Zinc

Up and up still they went on climbing


With skis on their feet

The way was more sweet

Than foot sloggers they passed on the mountain


When the top it was stood on

The hour was nigh on

For fast turns and a generous corn harvest


Looking back there were smiles

The view to Baker summit crossed miles

And our lads turned their tips towards the valley


Down they skied through the moss

Past a group mostly lost

To the point of no snow in the valley


As the last corner was rounded

The alarm was sounded

Cars!  Beers!  


And ski edges on gravel were grounded


*For more pictures and a bit of video, check out 'Mt. Baker - The Boulder Glacier Paradise' at:



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